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现在进行时:i'm answering your questions.i'm swimming.he's playing computer games.she's singing a song.they're playing cards.we are watching tv.are you listening to music?he's doing homework.she is dancing.they're playing tennis.将来时 i will

首先this summer表示的是将来时间,其次,这个动作还在进行中,所以要用将来进行时.

will 动词原形

一般将来时 I'm going to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. She is going to see a film this evening.We are going to play basketball nest Sunday.现在进行时 I'm watching TV now.She is drinking the tea now.They are playing football on the playground.希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

he will be working tomorrow.they will be playing football tomorrow.将来进行时:will be+现在分词

哥哥们,是将来进行时啊.进行!把2层的改一下1.I will be visiting the Great Wall this summer. 2.The weather will be getting hot in summer. 3.I will be doing my homework quickly in summer. 4.Lots of student

1.过去将来进行时由主语+should(would)+be+现在分词2.否定:主语+should(would)+not+be+现在分词3.疑问:should(would)+主语+be+现在分词(+其他) 过去将来进行时主要用于宾语从句 中,尤其多用于间接引语中.举例:They said they would be coming.他们说了他们将要来. (用于间接引语中)

I will be going to London. 我将会去伧敦I shall be graduating from high school. 我快高中毕业.My mother will be cooking dinner tonight. 妈妈今晚会做反.She is going to call me. 她会打电话给我.He is not going to work tomorrow. 他明天不上班

一般将来时:1) I will go to BeiJing tomorrow.2) Tom will come to my home at 3PM.3) England will play against France tomorrow.4) I will come back to school in September.5) Professor Wang will give us a presentation later.6) I will visit you next

i posted a question on soso question.did anyone answer it yet?i didn't see the answer.i'm answering your question.are you reading it?you aren't doing anything else but waiting the answer.i was thinking how to answer your question.did you trying to

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