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如何用lEAvE sB.with sth造句

您好,leave sb.with sth 留给某人某物 Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do. 把它交给我,我就知道该怎么办。 We didn't find him and left word (或a message) with his neighbours. 我们没找到他,于是就托他的邻居留了个条。 请关注...

leave除了作"离开"解以外,还有以下几种特殊用法: 一、作"留下"、"丢下"、"落下",常表示某物落在/忘在某地。如: You'd better leave your address and telephone number. 你最好留下你的地址和电话号码。 Better take off your shoes and leave t...

In his poems everyday reality is invested with a sense of wonder and delight.在他的诗歌里,现实生活被赋予了一种奇妙和快乐的感觉。

造句: They will issue the new members with a temporary identity card. 他们将给新成员配发临时身份卡。 issue的用法: issue的用法1:issue的基本意思是“如同从母体降生般出现并生存下来”。通常译作“使书等出版、发行”,尤指“使…流出,放出,...

I often help him with his math. 我经常帮他学习数学。 : I can help you with your homework. 我可以帮你做家庭作业。

leave sb doing sth和leave sb to do sth Leave Sb Doing 指让某人保持某动作或状态, 而leave sb to do中的LEAVE是听任的意思,一般To do指事情没发生,或即将发生。

leave sb with sth 中文意思:让某人做某事 例句 Present sb with sth= present sthto sb. 送给某人某物,向某人赠送某物。 同义词:Make sb. Do sth. 使某人做某事 例句 如果您想要做某事,使他脱离街道。 If you want to do something, get him ...

help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 Is there some area that you need help with? 是否存在一些你需要帮助的领域?

embarrass with 英[imˈbærəs wið] 美[ɛmˈbærəs wɪð] [词典] 以…难住; [例句]I did not embarrass her with my effusions. 我并没有太过热情而让她为难。

1. His boss left, leaving him with loads of tasks. 2.之前已经有人回答了啊

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