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英语仿写句子怎么写仿写是要你改变一下名词就是了:There was a moment It was the first moment Do you know the boy who is wearing a white

仿写英文句子仿写句子的话可以是,I have a pet. It is a cat. We play together every day. We are very happy.翻译是我有个一只宠物

英语好句仿写100five years?2、what will the weather be like next Monday?3、Our city will be a lot more beautiful than it is now.

英语句子仿写 2句How important is keeping an early hour to you?第二句:I'm told that staying up too late can increase the risk of

求助三个英语句型仿写1.As anyone who's ever played the game of rugby can testify that the durability of the uniform is a natural wonder.正

用英语句子仿写1.why don't you go out for a walk?why don't you find out about it?2.Why don't you lend me your book?this


英语仿写句子F: F是一株谷穗,是丰收。 G: G是拳头,是力量。 I: I是单个的人,是独立。 J: J是一个

英语句子仿写翻译:我是一个女孩。我很喜欢英语。我经常骑自行车去上学。我要成为一名老师。我有一个好朋友叫Rachel. 她要做一名护士。祝你 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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