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《玫瑰》(Roses),《播种者》(The Sower),《鸢尾花》(Irises),《麦田上的鸦群》(Wheat Field with Crows),《梵高的椅子》(Vincent's Chair with His Pipe).1、《玫瑰》《玫瑰》(Roses)是1889年梵高创作的一幅油画,收

给你一个网站,上面有凡高的一生.每幅画下都有名字. 向日葵 Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers 希望帮到你!

Sunflowers, 《向日葵》Starry Night, 《星夜》The Sower, 《播种者》Irises, Saint-Remy, 《鸢尾花》

文森特威廉梵高(vincent willem van gogh,1853-1890),荷兰后印象派画家.

vincent started many jobs before he became an artist. he was real close to his family. in 1886, he moved to paris, france to join theo. theo introduced vincent to a lot of painters while they lived in paris. gauguin didn't seem to like anything van gogh

没办法编辑文本,只能都给你这样直接放上了【星夜】The Starry Night1889Oil on canvas29 x 36 1/4 in.The Museum of Modern Art, New York---------------------------------------------------------------'The Starry Night' was not Van Gogh's first depiction of a

你好,因为图片只能发一张,所以三段介绍只能给一张图片了 第一章是向日葵,这个图片好找,就不给你附上了, Sunflowers (original title, in French, Tournesols) are the subject of a series of still life paintings executed in oil on canvas by the

汉语:梵高名画 英语:Van Gogh's famous painting(s)(注:若是不止一幅画就应该加上s,若是只有一幅画就不加句尾的s.)

梵高的简介 An Introduction to Van Gogh;梵高的生平介绍 The Biography of Van Gogh;梵高的代表作品 Representative Works of Van Gogh.

Vincent Fangao on March 30, 1853 was born in Zindel is special, because in 1890 7 months on 29th contracted neurosis in the French tile this river bank to commit suicide the body to die. Did business long ago, latter craves in the religion, after | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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