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ACt As造句

act as 担任, 充当; 起作用Examples: 1. The dean of the school act as marshal of graduation ceremony. 学校的教务长担任毕业典礼的司仪. 2. The forest will act as a defense against desert dust. 森林能起防御沙漠灰沙的作用. 3. A person

he acts as a hero. he is active. The activity is successful.


可以翻译为we may ask a few days off to act as our friends' translation guides.我们可能会请几天假为朋友们做向导翻译

I exchange and give birth to this important role acting as.再看看别人怎么说的.

可以.remain可以是系动词,那么后面可以跟四种情况1.名词;2.形容词;3.ving;4.ved. 如1. they remain the best of friends; 2. ple贰穿蹿费讷渡寸杀丹辑ase remain silent; 3. he remains standing; 4. the price remais unchanged


act as_百度翻译act as 英[kt z]美[kt z][词典] 充当; 为; 担当…, 起…的作用; 充;[例句]The tough new law should act as a deterrent.

The theme of the drama is karma and the troupe acts it out impressively.

楼上的错误太多了,忍不住更正一下.I want yo be a actor. I want to be a actress. He is a famous actor. She is a famous actress.This actor/actress is popular among the young people. She is one of the best actresses in the world. He is one of the

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