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DiviDE into造句

用divideinto造句The teacher divided the students into 4 groups.老师把学生们分成了4组.

divide into 怎么造句啊?All things invariably divide into two.事物都是一分为二的。

用divideinto造句回答:He divided the pears into two piles.

请问用divided…into怎样造句?Our class is divided into four groups. 我们班被分成四个组。 Let's divide the cake into eight pieces. 让我们

divide into造句回答:The sentence is divided into three parts.这个句子被划分成了三部分。

用divide sth.into造句回答:I will divide you into two pieces

用divide造句~I divided the apple into two

用be divided into sth造句回答:Our class is divided into four groups.

我们分成几个小组吧。(divideinto 造句)回答:We are divided into several groups. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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