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微波炉和冰箱 望采纳

My hometown, which is in the south of Shandong Province, is a very beautiful village. have not only color TV sets, but also telephones, fridges, computers, and so on. New

fridge-金山翻译 [frd]音同“符瑞杰” 释义:n. 电冰箱;冷冻机 变形:复数. fridges 短语:the fridge冰箱门 fridge magnet冰箱贴 mini fridge迷你冰箱

There ( is ) something wrong with their fridges你好,这里视为单数. 跟 their fridges 没有关系希望对您有帮助. wrong 是不可数的如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

fridge [英][frd][美][frd] n.电冰箱;冷冻机 复数: fridges 双语例句1.This dessert can be served straight from the fridge.这种甜食从冰箱里拿出来就可以吃.2.I put the milk and meat in the fridge.我把牛奶和肉放在冰箱里.3.The fridge was

fridge英 [frd] 美 [frd]n.电冰箱; 冷冻机冰箱;电冰箱;冷冻机;雪柜复数: fridges双语例句1. The fridge door was open and food was scattered across the floor. 冰箱门开着,食物散落在地板上.2. Keep what's left in a covered container

我也是九年级的,所以写过,,望采纳!!谢谢 as the most useful invenion, computers have lots of advantages. first of all, students who have problem with their study when teachers are not available surf the internet to find out the solutions. as a


and so on 之前的举例,都是用逗号隔开的,不能用and连接, 比如我喜欢运动很多, 像足球,篮球,羽毛球,乒乓球,等等 那就是 such as football, basketball, badminton , tabletennis and so on.

seals n. 印章; 海豹( seal的名词复数 ); 批准; (火漆) 封印; v. 密封( seal的第三人称单数 ); 决定; 确定; 封上(信封); [例句]Check seals on fridges and freezers regularly.定期检查冰箱和冷冻柜的密封装置. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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