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应该是make ends meet 收支相抵;量入为出 双语例句 1. Last month he couldn't make ends meet. 上个月他钱花涨了。 2. Even those with undergraduate and graduate degrees are not immune-many end up without jobs or with low paying ones...

end 在此作名词,end 本义是末端,结尾,make ends meet是惯用搭配,“使收支相抵,勉强维持生计”,在这个短语可能把end的本义延伸了。你这句making ends meet中用making是因为在句子中要根据句子所用的地方作出变形,比如用于介词后等。


Are you willing and do not know me, I love you long time. Although I know I am not particularly perfect, but I would be perfect for you...

End 的习惯搭配 achieve one's end达到目的 win one's end达到目的 gain one's end达到目的 all ends up[口]完全地, 彻底地 All is well that ends well.[谚]结局好就一切都好。 at an end结束, 终止; 耗尽 at loose ends处于杂乱状态, 无所适从...


there is no end to the story too much,you have to get used to meet and leave 没有结束的故事太多,你必须习惯于满足和离开

The meeting came to an end是这句话的主干部分,前面The problem settled是一个独立主格结构(省略了was),因为在没有连词的情况下,仅用逗号连接两个句子是不对的。

make one's end meet 结束与某人会面 make one's end meet 结束与某人会面 make one's end meet 结束与某人会面


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