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玩伴 钢索电缆

little companions little buddy little friends playmates

innocent playmates

The smell of your skin lingers on me now 你的味道一直徘徊在我脑海 You're probably on your flight back to your hometown 我知道你现在可能正在...

Hometown Love Can not escape is the nostalgia. "I was in the mountains a glimpse of my hometown; Come home can not forget, can never ...

summer vacation of students To have a holiday ,especially to have the summer vacation,is a happiest thing for students .But we can find the ...

让我们荡起双桨 Let's Sway Twin Oars 作词:乔羽 Lyric: Qiao Yu 作曲:刘炽 Music: Liu Chi Tr. by Rocwanderer in English 让我们荡起双桨, Let...


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