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Thanks for your 和Thank you for your..一样么Thank you后面可跟you的同位语:Thank you,sir.(比较正式)Thank you,mum.Thank you for your dinne 2 Thank sb

“Thank You For Your Attention”是什么意思Thank You For Your Attention的含义:谢谢你的关注。例句:Thank you for your attention on Past Global Trade Dispute Lessons

THANK YOU FOR YOUR [玫瑰]LOVE[玫瑰][愉快]什么意思你好,高兴帮助你。请采纳,谢谢!!Thank you for your 玫瑰。意思是:谢谢你的玫瑰。love 意思是 爱

Thank you for your support是什么意思例句 1.Thank you for your support and help. 跟读 感谢你们的支持和帮助。2.Thank you for your support and trust

thank you for your kindness是什么意思中文释义:谢谢你的好意;谢谢您的好意 例句:At the outset I want to thank you for your kindness

Thank you for your call 。这句话什么意思?为什么用forthank sb for sth 因为。。。而感谢。。。 是固定搭配 如不明白请追问 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即

thank you for your patience 什么意思1 We want to thank you for your patience, hard work, and collegiality.我们应该感谢你们的耐心、努力和分享成果。provided by

Thank You for your wishes,这个是什么意思The PRESIDENT ( spoke in Arabic): Thank you for your kind wishes.主席先生(以阿拉伯语发言):感谢您的良好祝愿。

Thank you for your 和Thank you for的区别Thank you for your 后接名词.例如:Thank you for your help.Thank you for 后接动名词(

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