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《Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? 》歌词: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? MickeyWhistling) “Pluto! Pluto! Where are you boy? Gosh, where is that dog gone?” Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone? Oh wh...

A A have been to“去过某地”;have gone to“去了某地(不在说话的地方)”;have been in“已经在某地多久了”。根据句意知,是一般现在时,主语是第三人称,应该选A。

直译是:我的小狗在哪里? 口语中如果是有所指的话,little dog可以是长辈昵称小辈的用法。如果是出自学校流氓之口的话,大概就是侮辱的意思了。


for a whole day是一个时间段..用现在完成时.. 所以用has..been in 是表示持续..gone to 是一个瞬间的动作.. 有时间段要用持续的.. 所以用has been in


Magic Come take my hand You should know me I've always been in your mind You know that I'll be kind I'll be guiding you Building your dream Has to start now There's no other road to take You won't make a mistake I'll be guiding...

-- My uncle has 1000 men under him. -- He is really somebody. What ...英语笑话(四)my little dog can't read Mrs. Brown: Oh, my dear, I ...

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