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wish sB to Do sth造句

wish sb to do sth这个很好分的 你只要注意sb前面的词性是什么就好了前面是介词或者是动词 后面的就一定是宾格

I wish to bring you good luck.

wish sb to do sth 【希望某人干某事】 we wish you to have a good time .【我们希望你玩的开心】 望采纳!谢谢!

是I wish to do it from the beginning again. 我希望能从头再做一次

wish sb do sth是没有的, wish sb sth希望某人怎样 、wish sb to do sth希望某人做某事

I wish you to go school

一、wish1.wish to do sth 希望去做某事如:I wish to succeed.2.wish sb to do sth 希望某人去做某事如:I wish you to help me.3.wish sb/sth + 名词/形容词 祝愿某人/物如:I

Wish you everything goes well. 希望你满意!

是wish吧! I wish I could fly. 我希望会飞.

1 Wish you good luck Wish us wonderful life together Wish you a pleasant journey His colleagues wish him a happy retirement Wish you a happy birthday2 My parents are very strict with me. Don't be so strict with yourself The teacher is strict with his

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